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Welcome to Blog Sardinia!

Our Blog offers tips for your holiday in Sardinia, if you want advice on where to stay or what to do in Sardinia you are in the right place. We are pleased to talk about our beautiful island and we will like to hear from you as well. The content is divided in categories that… Read More

From Stintino’s sandy beaches to Tergu amazing hills


It was Easter Monday and we left Cagliari to Stintino for a couple of days visit of the Asinara Island and Castelsardo. Unfortunately, despite having had an amazing April the weather changed and the rain decided to come down.. It normally takes about three hours to get to Stintino but it took an extra 30… Read More

Eating out in Cagliari


Food in Cagliari is generally good, although it is not cheap as it used to be. You should normally expect to spend at least 20 euros for a pizza based dinner and from 30-50 euros for a fish or meat based dinner. There are a couple of tricks that you should know to help you… Read More

Hiking in Cagliari – on the Devil’ Saddle!


St Elias’ promontory or the Devil’ saddle, as the locals call it, is probably the most iconic natural site of Cagliari and you would surely find its view and its legend very fascinating. Strangely enough, although it is very popular and any good guide book would tell you about its myth, no many people do… Read More